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Mescaline Liquid Microdose

Mesc Micro
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Elevate your daily routine with the precision of our Mescaline Microdose solution. Each meticulously measured millilitre delivers a 40mg dose of premium mescaline HCl, extracted for purity and consistency. This microdosing marvel is crafted for clarity, creativity, and a subtle cognitive boost without the full psychedelic experience.

Our product is a tribute to ancient tradition with a modern twist, harnessing the introspective power of mescaline—a phenethylamine principally derived from the Peyote cactus, revered for centuries by indigenous cultures for its visionary properties.

Incorporate our Mescaline Microdose into your wellness regimen and navigate your day with heightened senses and a newfound vibrancy. Find balance in the ebb and flow of life with a centered mind and an open heart. Each drop is a step toward harmonizing the spirit with the everyday hustle, perfect for the seeker of subtle enlightenment and those looking to infuse a touch of transcendence into their daily life.

10 ml $69.99

At 40mg this is a true micro dose effect, meaning this is meant to be sub perceptual.

You will notice a change in mood, and energy, and can last upwards of 8 hours.

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