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PSYCHEDELIA is a cohesive but distributed group of the most knowledgable and experienced psychedelic producers in Canada. Every member of our team possesses years of experience either studying, cultivating, synthesizing, or consuming these substances, along with a burning desire to proliferate the virtue & benefit that each different experience can provide.

Our academic/laboratory backgrounds have instilled in us a constant focus on safety and purity. We offer up to date test results for every product on our website & we employ all the practices of a medical lab during our cultivation, synthesis and extraction processes. We wholeheartedly believe that Psychedelics are safe, effective, and powerful medicines for the acute & long term treatment of numerous mental health conditions, while also offering significant benefit to a 'healthy' individual. 

The Psychedelic Renaissance has begun.

Across Canada and the rest of the world perspectives are beginning to shift towards the realization and acceptance that Psychedelics can provide lasting relief from debilitating mental health, chronic pain, and nervous system conditions.

At PSYCHEDELIA we endeavour to provide all Canadians with safe access to these profoundly effective medicines. We wholeheartedly believe in every individuals sovereign right to alter, explore, & expand consciousness.

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Our Processes

We extract di-methyl-tryptamine from sustainably harvested Brazilian mimosa hostilis root bark using an acid base process, and perform several solvent washes /recrystallizations to ensure purity & potentcy.

Testing Information

We test our products at professional laboratories and using home test kits. Anything you order from us is guaranteed to test pure and positive for the advertised substance, or the product is free. Please refer to the product page for each substance you wish to see test results including lab reports and photographs of home kit testing. 


Note that in the case of psilocybe mushrooms, potency varies from batch to batch, however our listed test results are an amalgamation of 10 samples from different batches. Furthermore we propagate our mushroom cultures through cloning which further reduces variability. You can be confident that any mushrooms you receive from us will be within 10% of our advertised HPLC testing results.

In order to test different substances, different tests are necessary. The following is a breakdown of which test you will need for each respective psychedelic. 

  • LSD = Erlich & Hofmann Reagents

  • DMT = Hofmann Reagent OR Marquis Reagent

  • Mescaline = Marquis Reagent OR Mandelin Reagent

  • Psilocybin = PSILO-Q Potency testing kit (available in our shop)

We recommend getting test kits from 

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