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  • Do you ship outside of Canada?
    No, unfortunately international shipments are subject to much greater scrutiny, so therefore we only ship within Canada, no exceptions.
  • Whats the best way to store Psychedelics?
    Most classical psychedelics are similar in regard to molecular structure, and although they vary in stability the same storage conditions should be applied. The proper storage conditions are away from heat, light, oxygen, and moisture. In a sealed bag or jar, placed in a drawer/cuboard/closet, in a room that does not get too hot or humid will be perfectly suitable.
  • How do I place an order?
    You can place an order through our websites shop page, and pay via Interac E-transfer or Cryptocurrency. It is not nescessary for you to make an account before ordering, however you must be of legal age in your juristiction of residence to order.
  • When will my order be shipped?
    All orders are processed (at which point you receive a tracking link) within 24hrs of payment being received, and orders are shipped monday-friday.
  • How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
    If you live in Western Canada, your order will likely be delivered in 2-3 business days If you live in Eastern Canada, your order will likely be delivered in 3-5 business days. If you live in the maritimes, or in a remote area, it may take up to 7 business days or more.
  • Do you ship discreetly?
    All orders are securely and discreetly packaged in plain cardboard boxes with no logo or mention of Psychedelia on the exterior of the box.
  • Do you offer refunds or returns?
    No, we do not offer refunds or returns and all sales are final, however if you are unsatisfied with a product or if your order never arrived don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will work out a solution.
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