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How to get the most out of your psychedelic experience

Mental Preparation

By far, the most useful type of preparation that one can undertake prior to any of trip - micro or macro, whatever the psychedelic of choice is - has to do with the mental side of things. And, ironically, only so much preparation can actually be achieved prior to a leap of faith into the unknown.


Regardless, it's oftentimes critical to ask certain questions, identify certain purposes, and even undertake certain prerogatives before consuming a hallucinogenic. 


Some questions that one may want to consider regarding the purpose of the trip:

- Why is now a good time to experience this particular psychedelic trip?
- Are there any possible topics that may come up to cause a level of panic or anxiety?

- Are there any goals relating to self-awareness or self-discovery that a trip may help achieve?
- Is the trip intended to function as an escape or a reprieve, as a perspective-enhancement or a euphoric awakening?


Depending on the answers one may cultivate, it may be worth reconsidering whether a psychedelic trip is a good idea in the first place - perhaps there are uncontrollable feelings of concern that may induce anxiety or perhaps a phase of relative mental uncertainty is not the best time to lose control of moods and emotion. 

On the other hand, psychedelics are used as a therapeutic and can most certainly help to shape or redefine perspective - they can offer amazing insights and revelations that would otherwise remain untouched by the conscious mind.


In all contexts, timing is critical, mental soundness (going into a trip) is vital, and psychedelics should never be used as a means to escape or as a coping mechanism to address certain over-arching problems or psychological symptomology. 



Circumstantial Preparation

Next to the mental side of preparing for a psychedelic trip, circumstances are critical to consider. 

One will always hear that 'set and setting' are of absolute importance to ensure a satisfying experience, or to at least stave off a bad trip. Fortunately, there are many mitigating factors that a person could consider. 

Setting is critical for the type of trip one may want to experience. Whereas a concert may be an ideal place for a recreational trip, it'd certainly be the wrong type of setting for an introspective experience; likewise, a quiet or stale setting may be inappropriate for someone looking to have a more stimulating and engaging time. 


There are countless factors to consider - the presence of authorities that may induce panic; the presence of children or of relatives that may provoke paranoia; a busy setting that proves overwhelming; a setting that has inherent risk factors or means to be harmed. 


Most will look to nature or to their own homes - areas of inherent comfort, privacy, and familiarity that are conducive towards a positive and relaxed experience, free from public attention or scrutiny, free from danger or discomfort.


It's worthwhile considering what sort of areas and settings aren't compatible with the negative side affects that psychedelics can induce - paranoia, laughter, sensory distortion, and other exuberant behaviours. 

Material Preparation

With respect to the preparation of actual psychedelic compounds and materials. 

- equipment such as grinders, scales..

Conduits, methods of ingestion, vaporizers, teas, etc

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